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Hot New Titles Coming in January 2019

By Robin Helenthal

Turning Point by Danielle Steel tells the story of four trauma doctors from the United States that are the best in their field. It tells how they deal with challenges in both their personal and professional life when they are given the extraordinary opportunity to work on a one of a kind project with a group of similar doctors in Paris in a mass-casualty training program. Bill Browning is the head of the San Francisco General Emergency, Stephanie Lawrence is an up and coming doctor at the UCSF Hospital at Mission Bay, Wendy Jones is a committed trauma doctor at Stanford and Tom Wylie is an doctor with outstanding medical skills at the Oakland Medical Center. They and their counterparts in Paris are put to the test when an act of mass violence takes place in Paris. They must face choices with consequences that will affect all their lives.

The Accidental Further Adventures of the Hundred-Year-Old Man: A Novel is a sequel to Jonas Jonasson’s previous book titled: The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared. The novel begins with Allan Karlsson and sidekick Julius departing on a hot air balloon trip along with three bottles of champagne. They get more than just great views from the air when their balloon lands in the sea and they are rescued by a North Korean ship. They also never expected to find that the captain of the ship has a suitcase full of contraband uranium on its way to Korea. They soon find themselves in the middle of an intricate diplomatic crisis involving prominent world figures and needless to say, things will get very, very complicated.

The Only Woman in the Room by Marie Benedict is a novel based on the life Hedy Lamarr, a Hollywood screen star who was also a scientist. She led the way in advancing communication technology in the 1940s. Hedwig “Hedy” Keisler, of Jewish heritage, was acting on stage in Vienna when she met Friedrich Mandl, a military munitions manufacturer. Her parents encouraged their relationship and she married Mandl to protect her parents. It was a dangerous time for Austrian Jews, as Nazism was rising in neighboring Germany. After discovering his controlling and abusive nature, she escaped to London and from there to America and Hollywood, where she returns to acting and also begins a new career as an inventor. It is the story of a woman known for her beauty but also wanting to be recognized for her intelligence and scientific curiosity.


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