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Hot New Titles Coming in May 2019

By Robin Helenthal

The Bride Test by Helen Hoang is a modern-day romance with a twist. Esme Tran is a young Vietnamese woman who works as a maid in a hotel in Ho Chi Minh to support herself and her young daughter. Kahi Diep is a California-born, Vietnamese-American who is a genius with numbers but when he is diagnosed with autism and realizes that he processes emotions differently than most people, he decides that relationships are a wasted effort and it would be unfair to get married. Khai’s matchmaking mother disagrees and goes to Vietnam with the purpose to find him a wife. After a chance encounter with Esme, she invites her to come to America for the summer and meet Khai. Khai and Esme have an instant mutual attraction but there are many misunderstandings and their differences in class, culture and mistaken beliefs create barriers they have to overcome. As Khai learns to understand his heart and Esme pursues her goals and dreams, the relationship they develop is an example of how true love grows.

The Satapur Moonstone is the second whodunit by Sujata Massey featuring Bombay attorney Perveen Mistry. Set in the 1920s , Perveen is one of India’s only female lawyers and has been approached to handle a delicate situation in the state of Satapur on behalf of the Kolhapur Agency, a British civil service unit in need of a legal investigator. The state’s dowager maharani and her dauyghter-in-law are in a heated debate on where the current maharajah, 10-year-old Jiva Reo should be educated. Since marharanis avoid contact with men, the authorities feel that Perveen is the best person for the assignment. Perveen learns after accepting that the two previous rulers of Satapur, Reo’s father and older brother, died suddenly within the last two years, which leads her to fear that Reo also may be at risk. The palace is full of intrigue that turns to murder. Perveen’s mission goes beyond education to using her skill and intuition to keep the young prince and herself alive.

The Rosie Result is the final book in the Rosie Trilogy (The Rosie Project and The Rosie Effect ) by Graeme Simsion. The Tillman family which consists of Don, Rosie and son Hudson have moved back to Australia where Rosie has been offered her dream job. Hudson is not happy about leaving New York and is having trouble fitting in at his new school. His teachers would like Don and Rosie to consider getting an autism assessment, but Hudson has own ideas. Don has decided to leave his job at the university and develop a cocktail bar. He is also working hard to learn how to be a good parent and letting Hudson make his way in the world and how to be a good partner with Rosie. Along the way, they overcome many troubles. The book is a fitting and successful end to the trilogy.


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