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Is Your Information Safe at the Library?

You may not have considered the safety and security of your personal information at the library. After all, it isn’t a bank! Yet identity theft is something that concerns us all. Peoria Public Library has your name, birth date, address and knows what you have checked out. All this information is closely guarded and secure in the RSA Cat database, a service overseen by a group of area libraries  The record of what materials you have checked out is erased the moment your item is returned.  This protects you from possible legal investigations or court actions as there is no existing record to be turned over or viewed.

Your library card is a precious document.  If you lose it, report the loss immediately so that someone else cannot check out materials. If someone should steal your card and use it you then become liable for the cost of the materials and if you should be turned into collections for not paying for the loss, your credit is affected. Keep track of your library card just as you would your credit card.

Inside the library are many public computers as well as our free wifi.  Your browser activity is set to erase as soon as you close out your browser on public computers.  Please be aware, however, that Peoria Public Library wifi may not be secure for your sensitive transactions. While  there is a policy prohibiting misuse of the wifi by others to steal your information, policies do not impress criminals! It is best if you use your own data on your device to conduct sensitive transactions online inside the library.

Peoria Public Library offers a variety of streaming and downloadable music, movie and book services as well as research portals and other information.  All of these are provided by outside vendors, not Peoria Public Library. The library staff does their best to investigate the security measures of any such service before we purchase it for use by our patrons, but in an age of hackers, the theft of names, emails, phone numbers and more is constant.

Theft can also happen when personal property such as purses or backpacks are left unattended. Please keep your belongings with you at all times when in the library just as you would in any other public place. All locations do have security cameras and some have security guards to ensure our patrons can relax and enjoy all the library has to offer.

With reasonable precautions, your information is safe at Peoria Public Library.


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