107 NE Monroe Peoria, Illinois 61602-1070

Peoria Speaks: Situational Awareness

05/28/19 06:00PM - 07:30PM

Peoria Speaks: Situational Awareness – Lakeview Branch

Peoria Speaks is a monthly community discussion program which focuses on topics of interest to Peorians. Funding for Peoria Speaks is being provided by Illinois Humanities through their Illinois Speaks program which is aimed at strengthening the democratic process through community dialogues across the state of Illinois. This month, Capt. Doug Gaa with the Peoria County Sheriff's Office will discuss the importance of situational awareness as it applies to home, public places, suspicious activity, the behaviors of those around us, and making the safest decisions when facing a threat or issue of concern. After this presentation, the floor will be opened up for questions and discussion. Free and open to the public.

Location: Peoria Public Library - Peoria, Illinois
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