107 NE Monroe Peoria, Illinois 61602-1070

The Bookmobile is out of service today, November 13.

Peoria Public Library Administration

Contact the Peoria Public Library Board of Trustees by email

Randall Yelverton, Executive Director, RandallYelverton@ppl.peoria.lib.il.us phone:  309-497-2140

Roberta Koscielski, Deputy Director and Secretary to the Board robertakoscielski@ppl.peoria.lib.il.us phone:  309-497-2186

Peoria Public Library Staff      

Alyce Jackson, Manager of Programs, alycejackson@ppl.peoria.lib.il.us phone:  309-497-2143

Jay Furniss, Manager of Facilities, jayfurniss@ppl.peoria.lib.il.us phone:  309-497-2181

Robin Helenthal , Manager of Collection Development, robinhelenthal@ppl.peoria.lib.il.us Phone 309-497-2149

Cossandra Stokes, Manager of Circulation, cossandrastokes@ppl.peoria.lib.il.us phone: 309-497-2165

Nancy Spencer, Administrative Assistant,nancyspencer@ppl.peoria.lib.il.us phone: 309-497-2135

Jennifer Sevier, Manager of Reference Services, jennifersevier@ppl.peoria.lib.il.us  phone: 309-497-2160

Jennifer Davis, Manager of Public Relations, JenniferDavis@ppl.peoria.lib.il.us Phone:309-497-2141