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Local Historians have wonderful stories to tell. Our talented local writers and researchers often find gems of local history that have escaped being chronicled. Here are a collection of essays that will reveal little known facts about Peoria and its history.


Norman V. Kelly

Norm is a local historian and author who most recently wrote a story entitled, "The Mystery of the Missing Manuscript" for The Big Read Peoria Reads which incorporated local history into a story about the 2009 book choice The Maltese Falcon. His book, UNTIL YOU ARE DEAD, detailing all of Peoria’s executions is available in the Peoria Public Library. Much of his writing comes from his real life experiences as a private detective in Peoria. Norm welcomes your comments and questions and can be reached at norman.kelly@sbcglobal.net



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The Wonders of Rocky Glen

The Peoria Automobile Club

1866: The Shaft

A Man About Town - Mayor Woodruff

A Shelton Chronicle

Beer: Hail to the King!

Crazy Maizey

Early Peoria Killers

Jimmy Runs Amock

My Home in ElVista

Operation Earthmover

Peoria: 1920 and 1921

Peoria's 1918 Spanish Flu Terror

Saturday Night in Peoria

Terror on a Downtown Streetcar

The Grand Opera House

The Shoot-Out at Larson's Barbershop

Peoria's Teenage Warriors

A Gift from The Detweillers

Meet George Finley

Big Trouble in Averyville

The Ambush of Tony Miller

Amerikanisch! Amerikanisch!

An Old Man Looks Back

Murder in Our City Hall

Molly and Me

A Hallmark Murder

A Sailor's Story

A Summation of Murder

Peoria: A Bawdy, Lusty Town

Bye-Bye Miss Birdie

Diamond Lil

Here's Where We Came In

Murder in the Heartland

My Mother's Christmas Tree

Peoria Gangsters

Peoria's Railroad Man

St. Mary's Cathedral

The Corruption of a Small Town

The Shoemaker

Was Peoria Run by Gangsters?


Chief Coy, Man of Steel

Railroad Detectives

Peoria's Coliseum & Armory

Colonel Fahnestock

Early Peorians Had a Dream


Diary of Our River City -1

Diary of Our River City - 2

Santa Stocking


Norm Talks About Old Peoria

Norm Kelly Talks about Prohibition in Peoria

Tags: peoria, norm kelly

Peoria was one of the world's whiskey capitals.  What happened when Prohibition changed this industry forever?

Norm Kelly Talks About Famous Peorians

Norm talks about some of the definitive characters that shaped Peoria's history and peopled her streets in this two part interview.

Norm Kelly Talks About Famous Peorians

Norm Kelly Talks About the Coliseum and The Armory

Large shows and exhibits came to Peoria long before the Civic Center was built. What do you know about the Coliseum and Armory?

Summer in Peoria

Norm Kelly talks about summer time in Peoria and explains photos from the Peoria Public Library Local History collection.