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      February 2020
        Volume 29, No. 2

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Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.
It’s a mantra that Peoria Public Library takes to heart, especially in 2020, which will be the 50th anniversary of Earth Day.
Beginning this month, Peoria Public Library will only publish one printed event calendar/newsletter  instead of a main newsletter and a separate Kid Events each month. Events will be separated by age range so finding kid-related events should still be easy to do.
“We became increasingly cognizant of the number of leftover newsletters we had each month, and even though we recycle, we thought it would be better if we could streamline and reduce the waste,” said Peoria Public Library Executive Director Randall Yelverton.  “We know many patrons rely on the hard copy of our newsletter so we will not eliminate it entirely, even though we do have our entire calendar and newsletter on our website.”
According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, paper and cardboard materials comprised the largest component in municipal landfills in 2017, the latest year for statistics. On a positive note, about 44.2 million tons of paper and cardboard were recycled in 2017 for a recycling rate of 65.9 percent, among the highest compared to other landfill waste materials.
Please look for Peoria Public Library’s event calendar every month at each of our five locations and Bookmobile.

No Waiting. No Late Fees. Tons of Choices.

Peoria Public Library has added two new digital services to the wealth of resources already offered – our gift to you for 2020.
Patrons can now access hoopla, a digital streaming service with nearly 800,000 titles encompassing e-books, audio books, comics, movies, television and music, and RB Digital, a digital platform that is the world’s largest independent producer of audio books.
A key highlight of both hoopla and RB Digital is that unlimited numbers of users can check out the digital offerings simultaneously – something not every service allows.
“We know it can be frustrating to wait to check out an e-book until it is ‘returned,’” Yelverton added. “After all, it’s digital, it should be accessible anytime. With hoopla and RB Digital, they are.”
Patrons can find links to both services on the Peoria Public Library website at peoriapubliclibrary.org under Downloads and Streaming or via the rotating main banner. You must have a current Peoria Public Library card to register for access.
Hoopla, which features current hit movies along with classic films, foreign films, modern indies and documentaries, will stream on smart televisions and streaming devices, including Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and Roku.
Books, digital or audio, can be downloaded or streamed on digital devices – from your smart phone to Kindle to Alexa.
Unlimited books can be downloaded or streamed through RB Digital, but patrons will be limited to four check-outs per month via hoopla.

Out and About

Peoria Public Library staff brought Harry Potter to life at the Civic Center’s family-friendly New Year’s Eve party on Dec. 31.
More than 1,500 people attended and were excited to have a chance to take selfies with the powerful wizard and see his bubbling cauldron and potion pantry up close. We also helped our guests make custom wands and their own flying keys before being sorted into their Hogwarts House.

Left: Peoria Public Library reference assistant Amber Lowery, left, and her mother, local author Linda Lowery, are our Harry Potter experts.

Below:  We also used our “magical” 3-D printer to make a tiny replica of Hogwarts for one lucky winner.

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