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Books in PPL’s Collection
From Apple Trees to Cider Please – Chernesky, Felicia
Caillou Goes Apple Picking – Patenaude, Danielle
Apples Galore – O’Connor, Jane
Dragon’s Apple Picking Day – Stevens, Jane
Biggest Apple Ever – Kroll, Steven
Ducking for Apples – Berry, Lynn
One Red Apple – Ziefert, Harriet
Applesauce Season – Lipson, Eden Ross
Apple-Pip Princess – Ray, Jane
Fishing Surprise – McDonald, Raw
One Green Apple – Bunting, Eve
Tucker’s Apple-Dandy Day – Winget, Susan
We All Fall for Apples – Herman, Emmi S
Apples to Oregon – Hopkinson, Deborah
Pepo and Lolo and the Red Apple – Martin Larranaga, Ana
Ten Red Apples – Miller, Virginia
Apples Here! – Hubbell, Will
Apple Farmer Annie – Wellington, Monica
Ten Red Apples – Hutchins, Pat
I am an Apple – Marzollo, Jean

Crafts on the Internet
Cinnamon painted apple craft
Easy paper plate apple
Paper bag apple
Bottle cap apple tree
Cereal box apples
Toilet paper roll apple
Apple orchard
A is for Apple paper craft
Paper tube apple core
Little Apple yarn favors

Apple Music & Songs
Rhymes & Fingerplays
Everything Apples

Books in PPL’s Collection
Sleeping Gypsy – Mordicai Gerstain
Louise and Andie – Kelly Light
Some Things I’ve Lost – Cybele Young
Louise Loves Art – Kelly Light
Margitte’s Marvelous Hat – D.B. Johsnon
Art of Miss Chow – Patricia Polacco
My Hands Sing the Blues – Jeanne Walker Harvey
Fancy Nancy, Aspiring Artist – Jane O’Connor
Grandma’s Gift – Eric Velasquez
Art & Max – David Weisner
Chasing Degas – Eva Montanari
Seen Art? – Jon Scieszka
Katie’s Sunday Afternoon – James Mayhew
Elena’s Serenade – Campbell Geeslin
Babar’s Museum of Art – Laurent de Brunhoff
Me and Uncle Romie – Claire Hartfield
Katie and the Sunflower – James Mayhew
Willy’s Pictures – Anthony Browne
Katie and the Mona Lisa – James Mayhew
Fantastic Drawing of Danielle – Barbara McClintock

Crafts on the Internet
Jackson Pollock for kids
Picasso inspired faces
Inspired by Mondrian art
Dali dripping utensils
Van Gogh glue art
Monet’s bridge paper art
Andy Warhol paper art
Seurat eraser art
Famous Russian artists

Art Jokes
Painter Jokes

Books in PPL’s Collection
Vanilla Ice Cream – Bob Graham
Telephone – Mac Barnett
Caterina and the Lemonade Stand – Erin Eitter Kono
The Lion and the Bird – Marianne Dubuc
Early Birdy Gets the Worm – Bruce Lansky
Froodle – Antoinette Portis
Early Bird – Toni Yuly
Puffin Peter – Petr Horacek
Purple Little Bird – Greg Foley
Where’s the Party?– Katharine Robey
If I Never Forever Endeavor – Holly Meade
Talent Show – Jo Hodgkinson
Ten Birds – Cybele Young
Noodle & Lou – Elizabeth Garton Scanlon
Calvin can’t Fly – Jennifer Berne
Little Black Crow – Christopher Raschka
Bird & Birdie in a Fine Day – Ethan Long
Riki’s Birdhouse – Monica Wellington
Birds – Kevin Henkes
Song of Francis – Tomie dePaola

Crafts on the Internet
Bird Crafts
Paper cup crow
Paper bag birds puppets
Bird marionette
Baby blue birds
Bird cake

Arts & Crafts
Songs & Poems
Songs and Rhymes
Preschool Songs and Music

Books in PPL’s Collection
Red, Yellow, Blue (And a Dash of White, Too) – Charles George Esperanza
Red: a Crayon’s Story – Michael Hall
Bear Sees Colors – Karma Wilson
Why is the Snow White? – Heinz Janisch
Green – Laura Vaccaro Seeger
Blue Chameleon – Wmily Gravitt
Color Chaos – Lynn Rowe Reed
Dog’s Colorful Day – Emma Dodd
Sylvie – Jennifer Gordon Sattler
Pinkalicious – Victoria Kann
Day the Crayons Quit – Drew Daywalt
Day with No Crayons – Elizabeth Rusch
Elmer and the Rainbow – David McKee
Do You Like These Boots? – David Soman
Seven Seas – Ellen Jackson
Red Sings From Treetops – Joyce Sidman
Kid Tea – Elizabeth Ficocelli
City Colors – Zoran Milch
Color of His Own – Leo Lionni

Crafts from the Internet
Dotted color wheel
Rainbow pinwheel
Rainbow snack
Rainbow flower pots
Color scented dough
Rainbow bubbles
Color sorting busy bag

Songs & Fingerplays
Songs & Games
Songs & Poems

Books in PPL’s Collection
The Duckling Gets a Cookie? – Mo Willems
Runaway Piggy – James Luna (NF- fairytale)
How Do Dinosaurs Eat Cookies? – Jane Yolen
Mr Cookie Baker – Monica Wellington
Gingerbread Girl Goes Animal Crackers – Lisa Campbell Ernst
Cookiebot – Katie Van Camp
If You Give a Mouse a Cookie – Laura Joffe Numeroff
Cow Loves Cookies – Karma Wilson
Gingerbread Pirates – Kristin Kladstrup
Ginger Bear – Mini Grey
Moon Might Be Milk – Lisa Shulman
Bad Boys Get Cookie! – Margie Paltini
Fortune Cookie Fortunes – Grace Lin
The Best Mouse Cookie – Laura Joffe Numeroff
Flat Stanley and the Very Big Cookie! – Lori Haskins Houran
One Smart Cookie – Amy Krouse Rosenthal
Library Gingerbread Man – Dotti Enderle
Sugar Cookies – Amy Krouse Rosenthal
No More Cookies – Paeony Lewis

Crafts on the Internet
Cookie cutter craft
Cardboard cookies
C is for cookie
Gingerbread boy puppet
Life-size gingerbread
“If you give a mouse a cookie” craft
Cookie collage
Fluffy paper plate cookie craft

Games & Activities
Cookie Poem

Books in PPL’s Collection
Alligator Boy – Cynthia Rylant
Swamp Where Gator Hides – Marianne Collins Berkes
My Lucky Birthday – Keiko Kasza
Girl and Her Gator – Sean Bryan
Hooray for Amanda & Her Alligator – Mo Willems
Alligator Wedding – Nancy Jewell
Duck & Cover – Jackie Urbanovic
No Biting, Louise – Margie Palatini
Snip, Snap!: What’s That? – Mara Bergman
Gator Gumbo – Candace Fleming
Crocodile Who Didn’t Like Water – Gemma Merino
Good ship Crocodile – J. Patrick Lewis
Solomon Crocodile – Catherine Rayner
Little Croc’s Purse – Lizzie Finlay
Crocodiles Say! – Robert Heidbreder
I’d Really Like to Eat a Child – Sylviane Donnio
Two sticks! – Orel Odinov Protopopescu
What Time is It, Mr. Crocodile – Judy Sierra
Copy Crocs – David Bedford

Crafts on the Internet
Bubble wrap crocodile craft
Alligator clip
Clay pot alligator
Cheeky crocodile
Felt alligator
Wobbly crocodile
Wooden spoon crocodile
Clothespin crocodile
Handprint crocodile

Songs, Books, Fingerplays
Alligator/Crocodile songs
Alligator songs, poems, fingerplays
Alligator Game

Books in PPL’s Collection
Elephant Joe, Brave Firefighter – Wojtowycz, David
How to Draw a Dragon – Florian, Douglas
Bath Party! – Webster, Christy
Somethinosaur – Mitton, Tony
Dragon’s Extraordinary Egg – Gliori, Debi
Oh So Brave Dragon – Kirk, David
Again! – Gravett, Emily
Angry Little Knight – Langren, Annette
Waking Dragons – Yolen, Jane
Lovabye Dragon – Joosse, Barbara
Oh No, Little Dragon – Averbeck, Jim
Dragons Love Tacos – Rubin, Adam
How to Be Friends With a Dragon – Gorbachev, Valeri
Goodnight Dragons – Roth, Judith
Me and My Dragon – Bredrzycki, David
When a Dragons Moves In – Moore, Jodi
Princess Peepers Picks a Pet – Calvert, Pam
Tiberius and the Friendly Dragon – Harvey, Keith
One Drowsy Dragon – Long, Ethan
Oscar and the Very Hungry Dragon – Krause, Ute

Crafts on the Internet
Paper dragon template
Fire breathing dragon
Bubblewrap dragon
Dragon eggs
Pull along dragon
Cardboard roll dragon
Egg carton dragon
Paper plate dragon
Wooden spoon dragon

Fingerplays & Action Rhymes
More Books & Fingerplays
Songs and Fingerplays
Books & Songs

Books in PPL’s Collection
Click, Clack, Peep – Doreen Cronin
Duck to the Rescue – John Himmelman
You Can’t Have Too Many Friends – Mordicai Gerstein
Odd Duck – Cecil Castellucci
Have You Seen My New Blue Socks? – Eve Bunting
Lucky Ducklings – Eva Moore
Oh, Dylan – Tracey Corderoy
Waddles – David McPhail
Mr Duck Means Business – Tammi Sauer
So Close – Natalia Colombo
Ducks in a Row – Lori Haskins
Ugly Duckling – Sebastien Braun
Ducking for Apples – Lynne Berry
Sitting Duck – Jackie Urbanovic
Danny, the Duck with No Quack – Malachy Doyle
The Uglified Ducky – Willy Claflin
Ducks Don’t Wear Socks – John Nedwick
Mama’s Little Duckling – Marjorie Blain Parker
The Duck Who Played the Kazoo – Amy Sklansky
This Way, Ruby – Jonathan Emmett

Crafts on the Internet
Rainy day duck
Cupcake liner ducks
Footprint duck
Duck Finger Puppet
Walnut shell duck
Paper cup duck family

Activities & Fun Ideas
Songs, Poems, Stories, & Fingerplays
Rhymes & Poems
Duck Poetry

Books in PPL’s Collection
Ava’s Poppy – Marcus Pfister
My Friends the Flowers – William Lach
What Does Bunny See? – Linda Sue Park
Flower Ball – Sigrid Laube
Littlest Susan – Ruth Ann Shay
Fran’s Flower – Lisa Bruce
I’m a Seed – Jean Marzollo
The Flowers’ Festival – Elsa Maartman Beskow
Robert the Rose Horse – Joan Heilbroner
Glasswings – Elisa Kleven
Benny Says “Achoo!” – Farrah McDoogle
So Happy! – Kevin Henkes
Step-By-Step – Christine Taylor-Butler
Colorful Spring – Erin Moran
Complete Book of the Flower Fairies – Cicely Mary Barker
Legend of the Indian Paintbrush – Tomie DePaola
Rosy’s Garden – Elizabeth Laird
Flower Alphabet Book – Jerry Pallotta
Huck Runs Amuck – Sean Taylor

Crafts on the Internet
Textured tissue paper flowers
Egg carton flowers
Pretty Paper Straw Tulips
Paper loop flowers
Pipe cleaner flowers
Paper lilies
Flower pinwheel
Flower using toilet paper roll

Music & Songs
Finger puppets & songs
Flower Songs
Flower Fingerplay
Songs & Fingerplays

Books in PPL’s Collection
Amelia Bedelia’s First Field Trip – Herman Parish
Helpful Tractor – Melinda Melton Crow
Story County – Derek Anderson
Farm – Elisha Cooper
Field Trip Day – Lynn Plourde
Otis – Loren Long
Max Goes to the Farm – Adria Klein
Biscuit’s Day at the Farm – Alyssa Satin Capuccilli
Chickens to the Rescue – John Himmelman
Chicks and Salsa – Aaron Reynolds
Old MacDonald Had a Woodshop – Lisa Shulman
Berenstain Bears Down on the Farm – Stan Berenstain
Go to Sleep, Little Farm – Mary Lyn Ray
Doug Unplugs on the Farm – Dan Yaccarino
It’s Milking Time – Phyllis Alsdurf
Boo Cow – Patricia Goeher Baehr
Pigs to the Rescue – John Himmelman
Funny Farm – Mark Teague
Veronica Goes to Petunia’s Farm – Roger Duvoisin
Old MacDonald Drives a Tractor – Don Carter

Crafts on the Internet
Paper plate sheep
Paper plate cow
Handprint horse
Clothes pin horse
Rooster puppet
Farm coloring book
Paper barn
Construction paper tractor

Music & Songs
Songs, Poems & Fingerplays
Crafts & Activities

Books in PPL’s Collection
Prince of a Frog – Jackie Urbanovic
By Mouse and Frog – Deborah Freedman
Frog’s Lucky Day – Eve Bunting
999 Tadpoles – Ken Kimura
An Extraordinary Egg – Leo Lionni
Tad and Dad – David Ezra Stein
Froggy is the Best – Jonathan London
Tadpoles and Frogs – Thea Feldman
Bertha and the Frog Choir – Luc Foccroulle
Bradley McGogg, the Very Fine Frog – Tim Beiser
Frog and Friends – Eve Bunting
Frog or Toad? How Do You Know? – Melissa Stewart
Ribbit, Ribbit – Candace Ryan
Pound Dog and Frog – Rowley Carter
City Dog, Country Frog – Mo Willems
Ring Went Zing – Sean Taylor
Spells – Emily Gravett
I Love Grandma – Lizi Boyd
Green Wilma, Frog in Space – Tedd Arnold
Bad Frogs – Thacher Hurd

Crafts on the Internet
Paper plate frog mask
Frog with tongue
Paper plate tree frog
Frog visor hat
Paper plate frog puppet
Clothes pin Big-Mouth frog

Activities & Fun Ideas for Kids
Songs, Poems & Fingerplays
Songs & Rhymes
Storytime for Frogs
Songs & Fingerplays

Books in PPL’s Collection
Three Little Owls – Emanuele Luzzati
Midnight Library – Kazuno Kohara
Rocket Writes a Story – Tad Hills
Little Owl’s Night – Divya Srinivasan
Owly & Wormy, Friends All a Flutter – Andy Runton
Little Owl Lost – Chris Haughton
Annie Hoot and the Knitting Extravaganza – Holly Clifton-Brown
“I’m Not Sleepy!” – Jonathan Allen
Wow! Said the Owl – Tim Hopgood
Whoo Goes There? – Jennifer Ericsson
“I’m Not Scared!” – Jonathan Allen
Wake Up, Oliver! – Sue Hendra
Owls – Melissa Gish
Owls – Nick Winnick
Cock-A-Doodle-Hooooooo! – Mich Manning
I’m Not Cute! – Jonathan Allen

Crafts on the Internet
Paper plate owl
Wide eyed owl
Handprint owl
Paper roll owl
Paper bag owl
Felt owl
Cupcake liner owls
Canister owl
Pom-pom owl
Leaf owl

Fingerplays & Songs
Songs & Poems
More Fingerplays & Songs
Everything Owls

Books in PPL’s Collection
Rappy the Raptor – Dan Gutman
I Got the Rhythm – Connie Schofield-Morrison
Bertha and the Frog Choir – Luc Foccroulle
Thelonious Mouse – Orel Odinov Protpopescu
Busy Bees on Broadway – M. Mairland DeLand
Symphony City – Amy Martin
Little Pig Joins the Band – David Costello
Rock ‘n’ Roll Mole – Carolyn Crimi
Passing the Music Down – Sarah Sullivan
Hip & Hop, Don’t Stop – Jef Czekaj
Boom Bah! – Phil Cmmings
Toot & Puddle: Get With the Beat!– Laura F Marsh
Catfish Kate and the Sweet Swamp Band – Sarah Weeks
Farmer Joe and the Music Show – Tony Milton
Chuck’s Band – Peggy Perry Anderson
Animal Band – C.S. Jennigns
Bessie and the Night Raiders – Sue Stauffacher
Soon Baboon Soon – Dave Horowitz
Punk Farm – Jarrett Krosoczka

Crafts on the Internet
Rain stick bottle
Simple drum
Paper plate tambourine
Paper towel roll horn
Easy jingle bells
Straw pan flute
Popsicle stick harmonica

Songs & Fingerplays
Fingerplay Fun
Music Poems
More Music

Books in PPL’s Collection
Just a Kite – Mercer Mayer
Olivia and the Kite Party – Alex Harvey
Kite Day – Will Hillenbrand
Dora and the Rainbow Kite Festival – Christine Ricci
Seagull Sam – Katie Clark
Curious George and the Kite – Monica Perez
Someone Bigger – Jonathan Emmett
Berenstain Bears We Like Kites – Stan Berenstain
Windy – Robin Mitchell
Kites: Magic Wishes That Fly Up to the Sky – Demi
Berenstain Bears and the Big Red Kite – Stan Berensatin
Pinkalicious: Cherry Blossom – Victoria Kann
Triple Trouble Time – Kris Hirschman
Elmo and Grover, Come on Over! – Katherine Ross
Curious George Flies a Kite – Margaret Rey
Stuck – Oliver Jeffers
Berenstain Bears Do Their Best – Stan Berenstain
Riley Flies a Kite – Susan Blackaby
Catch the Wind – Gail Gibbons

Crafts on the Internet
Rainbow sun catcher kite
Recycled bottle Koinobori
Bird kites (paper)
Sled kite
Dragon kite
Paper plate kite
Stained Glass Tissue Paper Kite

Everything Kites
Songs & Fingerplays
Crafts & Activities
Preschool Playbook
Kite Activities

Books in PPL’s Collection
Lost in the Leaf Pile – Katharine Kenah
Fall Leaves: Colorful and Crunchy – Martha EH Rustad (nf)
Dragon’s Leaf Collection – Becky Matheson
Leaves on the Trees – Thom Wiley
Big Wolf & Little Wolf, the Little Leaf That Wouldn’t Fall – Nadine Brun-Cosme
Leaf Trouble – Jonathan Emmett
Little Yellow Leaf – Carin Berger
Leaves! Leaves! Leaves! – Nancy Elizabeth Wallace
Ruby’s Falling Leaves – Rosemary Wells
Leaves – David Ezra Stein
Fall Leaf Project – Margaret McNamara
Fall Leaves – Don Curry
I Am a Leaf – Jean Marzollo
Autumn Leaves – Gail Saunders-Smith (nf)
Autumn Leaves – Ken Robbins (nf)
Leaf Jumpers – Carole Gerber (nf)
Freddie and Flossie and the Leaf Monster – Laura Lee Hope
Leaves in Fall – Martha EH Rustad (nf)
Leaves Fall Down – Lisa Bullard (nf)
City Leaves, City Trees – Edward Gallob (nf)

Crafts on the Internet
Yarn trees
Leaf coaster
Clay leaf bowls
Leaf printing
Leaf candle lantern
Leaf necklace
Cork painting-Tree
Scrap paper tree
Seed leaf trees

Books, Songs & Fingerplays
Activities with leaves

Books in PPL’s Collection
Bob and Flo – Ashdown, Rebecca
Dragon’s Extraordinary Egg – Gliori, Debi
Flora and the Penguin – Idle, Molly Schaar
Not So Perfect Penguin – Smallman, Steve
Penguin Pete and Pat – Pfister, Marcus
Nothing Ever Happens at the South Pole – Berenstain, Stan
All By Myself! – Jadoul, Emile
One Cool Friend – Buzzeo, Toni
Tony Baloney – Ryan, Pam Munoz
What’s in the Egg, Little Pip? – Wilson, Karma
Up and Down – Jeffers, Oliver
Polar Opposites – Brooks, Erik
Come Back Soon – Schallau, Daniel Page
Sergio Saves the Game – Rodriquez, Edel
If You Were a Penguin – Minor, Wendell
A Penguin Story – Portis, Antoinette
Turtle’s Penguin Day – Gorbachev, Valeri
Playful Little Penguins – Mitton, Tony
Three Cheers for Tacky – Lester, Helen

Crafts on the Internet
Paper plate penguin
Styrofoam penguin
Oval penguin
Plastic cup penguin
Handprint penguin
Paper penguin
Egg carton penguin
Paper plate penguin

Songs, Poems & Fingerplays
Songs, Rhymes & Fingerplays
Activities & Fun Ideas
All about penguins

Books in PPL’s Collection
Me First – Helen Lester
Pig Kahuna: Who’s That Pig? – Jennifer Gordon Sattler
Henry’s Stars – David Elliot
Big Pigs – Leslie Helakoski
Pig on the Hill – John Kelly
Ten Moonstruck Piglets – Lindsay Lee Johnson
Poindexter Makes a Friend – Mike Twohy
A Pig Parade is a Terrible Idea – Michael Ian Black
Not a Stick – Antoinette Portis
Wilbur’s Adventure – E.B. White
Will You Read to Me? – Denys Cazet
20 Hungry Piggies – Trudy Harris
Pig Tale – Helen Oxenbury
Emmett’s Pig – Mary Stolz
Pig Enough – Janie Bynum
Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf – Glen Rounds
True Story of the 3 Little Pigs – Jon Scieszka
Picnic with Piggins – Jane Yolen
Small Pig – Arnold Lobel
Chicken, Pig, Cow – Ruth Ohi

Crafts on the Internet
Wine cork pig
Craft foam pig
Paper plate pig craft
Piggy bank
Plastic bottle piggy bank
Pig snouts

Songs, Rhymes & Fingerplays
Songs & Fingerplays
Preschool Express – Pigs
Pig Poetry

Books in PPL’s Collection
P is For Pirate – Even Bunting (nf)
I Love My Pirate Papa – Laura Leuk
Pirates Love Underpants – Claire Freedman
Pirates Guide to First Grade – James Preller
Pirates Guide to Recess – James Preller
Pirates Next Door – Jonny Duddle
Pirate Boy – Eve Bunting
Pirates Go to School – Corinne Demas
Pirates of the Sea! – Brandon Dorman
Pirate vs. Pirate – Mary Quattlebaum
Small Saul – Ashley Spires
Pirate Cruncher – Jonny Duddle
Gingerbread Pirates – Kristin Kladstrup
Henry and the Crazed Chicken Pirates – Carolyn Crimi
Papa is a Pirate – Katharina Grossman-Hensel
No-Good Do-Good Pirates – Jim Kraft
Dirty Joe, the Pirate – Bill Harley
Pirate Pete’s Talk Like a Pirate – Kim Kennedy

Crafts on the Internet
Pirate ship
Paper plate pirate
Pirate eye patch
Felt treasure map
Pirate hooks
Pirate mask
Paper treasure map

Fingerplay & Action Rhymes
Songs & Fingerplays
Books & Storytelling
Storytime – Pirates
Preschool Pirate Theme

Books in PPL’s Collection
Cub’s Big World – Thomson, Sarah
Polar Bear Morning – Thompson, Lauren
Polar Bear Night – Thompson, Lauren
Mama, Why? – Wilson, Karma
Big Bear, Little Brother – Norac, Carl
The Ice Bear – Morris, Jackie
Little Polar Bear – Beer, Hans de
Polar Bear Paddle – Bedford, David
Polar Opposites – Brooks, Erik
Panda & Polar Bear – Baek, Matthew
Polar Bear Puzzle – Lumry, Amanda
Hush Little Polar Bear – Mack, Jeff
Romeo and Lou Blast Off – Anderson, Derek
The Big Fuzzy – Castle, Caroline
Cold Paws, Warm Heart – Floyd, Madeleine
A Splendid Friend, Indeed – Bloom, Suzanne
Ice Bear – Davies, Nicola
Polar Bolero – Gliori, Debi
Chilly Bear – Counhaye, Guy
Irving and Mukruk – Pinkwater, Daniel Manus

Crafts on the Internet
Paper plate polar bear
Polar bear cup puppet
3D paper polar bear
Circle polar bear
Polar bear foot
Cotton ball polar bear
Paper bag polar bear
Shredded paper polar bear
Polar bear mask
Polar bear finger puppet

Preschool Express – Polar Bears
Library Land
Arctic Theme

Books in PPL’s Collection
Ready for Pumpkins – Kate Duke
Pumpkin Countdown – Joan Holub
Perfect Pumpkin Hunt – Gail Herman
Pumpkin Cat – Anne Mortimer
Pumpkin Trouble – Jan Thomas
Apples and Pumpkins – Anne Rockwell
Marley and the Runaway Pumpkin – Susan Hill
Very Best Pumpkin – Mark Kimball Moulton
Pumpkin Harvest – Calvin Harris
How Many Seeds in a Pumpkin? – Margaret McNamara
Bumpy Little Pumpkin – Margery Cuyler
Mrs. McMurphy’s Pumpkin – Rick Walton
Franklin’s Pumpkins – Sharon Jennings
Stubborn Pumpkin – Laura Geringer
Pumpkin Day, Pumpkin Night – Anne Rockwell
Pumpkin Book – Gail Gibbons
Pumpkin Man – Judith Moffat
Pinky and Rex and the Perfect Pumpkin – James Howe
Pumpkin, Pumpkin – Jeanne Titherington
Pumpkin Patch – Elizabeth King

Crafts on the Internet
Pumpkin printable craft
Melted crayon pumpkin
Pasta pumpkin
Knuckle print pumpkins
Little yarn ball pumpkins
Beaded pumpkin
Pumpkin bracelet
Pom-pom pumpkin
Family pumpkin patch

Preschool Pumpkin Theme
Pumpkin Song

Books in PPL’s Collection
It’s Raining Cats and Frogs! – Harriet Ziefert (bilingual)
Good Ship Crocodile – J. Patrick Lewis
Rain Train – Elena De Roo
My Side of the Car – Kate Feiffer
Cloudette – Tom Lichtenheld
Rain School – James Rumford
Waiting Out the Storm – JoAnn Early Macken
Drip, Drop! The Rain Won’t Stop! – Sheila Sweeney Higginson
One Rainy Day – M. Christina Butler
Rain – Manya Stojic
Rain Stomper – Addie K. Boswell
Rain Play – Cynthia Cotton
Lila and the Secret of Rain – David Conway
Who Likes Rain? – Wong Herbert Yee
Rainy Day – Patricia Lakin
I Love the Rain – Margaret Park Bridges
Raindrop Plop! – Wendy Cheyette Lewison
Red Rubber Boot Day – Mary Lyn Ray

Crafts on the Internet
Cloud puppet
Paper Plate umbrellas
Rain cloud ribbons
Homemade rain gauge
Stained glass rain cloud
Corn syrup rain
Rain cloud mobile

Preschool Rain & Umbrella Theme
Music Makers
Rhymes & Poetry

Books in PPL’s Collection
Doug Unplugs on the Farm – Dan Yaccarino
Junkyard – Mike Austin
Fix This Mess – Tedd Arnold
Robots, Robots Everywhere – Sue Fliess
Doug Unplugged – Dan Yaccarino
Boy + Bot – Ame Dyckman
Three Little Aliens and the Big Bad Robot – Margaret McNamara
Wodney Wat’s Wobot – Helen Lester
Cookiebot – Katie Van Camp
Clink – Kelly Dipucchio
Trouble with Sisters and Robots – Steve Gritton
Watch Out for Wolfgang – Paul Carrick
Scooby-Doo! and the Rotten Robot – Mariah Baladan
Wall-E: Read Aloud Storybook – Matthew N. Garret
Atomic Ace and the Robot Rampage – Jeff Weigel
Superhero – Marc Tauss
Sleepy Time Olie – William Joyce
Rolie Polie Olie – William Joyce

Crafts on the Internet
Cardboard tube robot
Build your own robot
Mechanical parts robot
Balancing Robot
Build and Stack Robots
Box robots
Aluminum foil robots
Paper bag robots
Tin can robots

Toddler Time – Robots
Fingerplays & Action Rhymes
Robot Storytime
Best Robot Poems

Books in PPL’s Collection
Smiley Shark – Ruth Galloway
Shark & Lobster’s Amazing Undersea Adventures – Viviane Schwarz
Gilbert in Deep – Jane Clarke
Shark in the Dark – Peter Bently
Shark vs Train – Chris Barton
Gilbert the Hero – Jane Clarke
I’m a Shark! – Bob Shea
Clark the Shark – Bruce Hale
Thomas and the Shark – W. Railway Awdry
Clark the Shark Dares to Share – Bruce Hale
Clark the Shark Tooth Trouble – Bruce Hale
Clark the Shark Takes Heart – Bruce Hale
Hark! A Shark! – Bonnie Worth
Sharks! – Sindy McKay
Shark or Dolphin? – Melissa Stewart
Little Shark – Anne Rockwell
Yummy Yummy! Food for My Tummy! – Sam Lloyd
Shark-tastic – Lori Stein
National Geographic Kids. Everything Sharks – Ruth Musgrove

Crafts on the Internet
Clothespin shark
Paper plate shark
Shark hat
Fish eating shark toy
Plastic bottle shark toy
Golf ball sharks
Footprint sharks
Shark binoculars

Song and Fingerplay
Storytime & Rhymes

Books in PPL’s Collection
Whoo! Whoo! Goes the Train – Anne Rockwell
Train – Elisha Cooper
My Little Train – Satomi Ichikawa
Train Goes Clickety-Clack – Jonathan London
Locomotive – Brian Floca
All Aboard! – Rebecca Kai Dotlich
How to Train a Train – Jason Carter Eaton
Rain Train – Elena DeRoo
Last Train – Gordon Titcomb
Shark vs. Train – Chris Barton
Fast Train, Slow Train – Tommy Stubbs
Josh and the Whoo Whoo – David Bedford
Trains: Steaming! Pulling! Huffing! – Patricia Hubbell
Train to Maine – Jamie Spencer
All Aboard to Dreamland – Melanie Harby
Hey Mr. Choo-Choo, Where are You Going? – Susan Wickberg
Little engine that could – Watty Piper
Jingle the Brass – Patricia Newman

Crafts on the Internet
Toilet paper roll train
DIY Train Whistle
Candy train
Thumbprint train
Train shapes paper craft
Train paint craft
Pop out choo choo
Picture train

Train Theme and Activities
Train Books
Train Activities
Train Theme Activities
Songs, Poems, Stories, & Fingerplays