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Join Peoria Public Library’s Goodreads account and follow our staff and friends’ book recommendations.
Goodreads is an easy way to find new books, reviews, authors and even track your reading.

We Need Diverse Books™
This non-profit, grassroots organization aims to help produce and promote literature that reflects and honors the lives of all young people. Find book recommendations here and more.

Book Riot
Book Riot celebrates all things books and is the largest independent editorial book site in North America. Home to a host of media about books and those who love to read them. Find podcasts, newsletters and original articles.

NPR’s Book Concierge
Every year since 2013, NPR staff and trusted critics have developed a list of the best reads of that year. You can search all of those years, or use filters to narrow down the next best book for you to read from the 2,500 books they’ve recommended.

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