Interlibrary Loan Policy

Peoria Public Library supports the sharing of library resources through interlibrary loan administered by the library’s Interlibrary Loan Services. The following regulations allow for Peoria Public Library cardholders to take advantage of this service while setting reasonable expectations for its use.
Interlibrary Loan Services request and supply materials within the United States, adhering to Interlibrary Loan codes, copyright laws, and licensing agreements.
United States:
Interlibrary Loan Code (American Library Association). Current version
ILLINET interlibrary loan code. Current version
Reaching Across Illinois Library System (RAILS). Resource Sharing Policy. Current version.

General Policy

Requesting materials
Peoria Public Library will request materials to borrow that are not obtainable from Peoria Public Library’s collection, reciprocal borrowing, or purchase. Requests will be pursued in-state, then within the United States, until all possible known sources have been exhausted, time restriction is exceeded, or the cardholder cancels the request.
The privilege of requesting material through Interlibrary Loan Services is limited to Peoria Public Library cardholders with a valid library card.
Abuse of the interlibrary loan service or material will result in suspension of the cardholder’s interlibrary loan privileges.

Terms of the Loan

The cardholder may have a maximum of five active requests as stated in the “Loan and charge limits per card/fine schedule” of the Peoria Public Library’s circulation policy manual approved by the Peoria Public Library Board of Trustees.
Patron Responsibility
• The cardholder is responsible for any accepted fees associated with the requested material as well as billing for lost or damaged material.
• Borrowed materials are to be returned to the desk of the branch where the material was picked up from by the date stated on the Interlibrary Loan information label — unless otherwise noted.
• A lending library may recall their material at any time. Upon notification of a recall, the material must be returned promptly.
The cardholder will be notified of the request’s status when the material arrives or upon the cancelation of the request, by the cardholder’s stated preference or contact information in the cardholder’s registration.
Material Availability
The material will be available at the designated pick-up location until the loan’s due date, when it will be returned to the lending library.
Loan Period
Length of the loan varies dependent on the lending library’s requirements.
If the lending library allows renewals, up to two renewals may be requested. Borrowers may request renewals through any Peoria Public Library location ahead of the due date stated on the Interlibrary Loan label.
The lending library may place conditions on the lending of the material. The most common conditionals are “in-house use only” or recall of material. Peoria Public Library will honor these conditions.

Supplying Materials

The Peoria Public Library Interlibrary Loan Services will accept requests through OCLC, FAX, email or U.S. Mail.
Use of an ALA request form is preferred when sending request by FAX, email or U.S. Mail.
Materials Available for Loan
The library’s collection is available for requests, with restrictions on new/popular materials, non-circulating material, microforms, genealogy, local history, and rare materials.
• There is no charge for the loan of returnable materials.
• Copies of material up to 20 pages will be provided free of charge.
• Any charges that are accrued will be in the form of a bill.
Returnables shipped in Illinois will be by RAILS or ILDS delivery. Materials shipped outside of Illinois or locations that do not participate with RAILS or IDLS delivery will be sent by USPS or UPS.
Non-returnable copies will be sent by one of the following methods: email, U.S. Mail or FAX.
Loan period
• Returnables are loaned for 30 days, with the possibility of 2 renewals.
• Exceptions are possible. Borrowers should state the length of loan required with submission of the request.
• The Interlibrary Loan Policy will be reviewed and revised every three years by the Board of Trustees of Peoria Public Library.
Adopted by the Peoria Public Library Board of Trustees on December 15, 2015. Revised by the Peoria Public Library Board of Trustees on December 15, 2020.